Assembly Rooms, 3 March 2022

2022 Winners

Platinum Award


Noya’s Kitchen

“Inspirational Noya’s Kitchen restaurant was recognised in the Top 5 independent restaurants in the UK, diversified with cookery classes and supper clubs – and had a record year despite not being fully-open. Outstanding!”

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Sponsored by: Bath Life



New Old Friends

“New Old Friends took brave risks to create a full calendar of content, with four new comedy series and 100,000 audio downloads. Immense ambition from this thriving production company.”

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The Curfew

“This rejuvenated Georgian townhouse pub has risen from ashes thanks to spirited love from new owners, and is majorly popular in the local community. Consistent service and welcoming team.”

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Sponsored by: Minuteman Press

Business Services


Clearly PR

“Clearly showed so much progress in 2021 and earned B Corporation certification.  Now a UK Top 50 PR company, it gained clients in 2021 and bounced back impressively.”

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Sponsored by: Hotel Indigo Bath



Sugarcane Studio

“Has brought a unique patisserie flair to the city with over 500 bespoke cake orders delivered by two highly talented chefs. Grew the brand locally and nationally, to great acclaim.” | @sugarcane_studio

Sponsored by: Crumbs



Mentoring Plus

“Making a dynamic difference to hundreds of young people, with 2,000 mentoring sessions last year. Reinvented its online services and worked closely with schools to support students.”

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Sponsored by: Stone King



Bath Foodbank

“Completely and utterly outstanding community effort from local people with hearts of gold. It met the needs of 4,200 people and is run by the most dedicated group of volunteers.”

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Sponsored by: Bath Life



Persephone Books

“This newly-relocated Bath bookshop and publisher was named as a top 50 indie UK retailer by the Observer, published a best-seller and lauded in The New York Times. Impressive.”

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Sponsored by: Creative Bath



Curtain Up Theatre School

“Clever initiatives from this inventive organisation, spanning online, filmed and real-life content to educate hundreds of children and build their confidence. Vital development through productions.”

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Bath Contemporary Artists’ Fair

“From 26 to over 400 artists exhibiting in the space of a year, this compelling civic fair overcame several postponements to double its revenue and gain thousands of visitors.”

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Sponsored by: Enlightened

Hair & Beauty


12 Trim Street

“Bringing a fresh feel to Trim Street, this new salon shows what happens when creative business minds join forces. Appealing hair treatments, thoughtful approach, great determination.”

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Health & Wellbeing


Precision Pilates Studio

“Has demonstrated impressive growth in customers, classes and events. Significant impact on the community’s wellbeing, supporting people of all ages.” | @pilates.precision

Homes & Interiors


Woodhouse & Law

“Woodhouse & Law’s sales were up 22% on pre-pandemic times, via both new and repeat business. Beautiful design and burgeoning reputation led to customers in Bath, Devon, Wales and even Mallorca.”

@WoodhouseandLaw |

Legal & Financial



“Strong growth in fees, profit, clients and team in an impressive leap forward in 2021. Distinctive marketing supported over100 new clients. Highly thoughtful, long-term approach.”

@unividualltd |

Sponsored by: Apex City of Bath Hotel

Leisure & Tourism


Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein

“This innovative attraction dedicated to Mary Shelley’s famous novel is fun, educational and rewarding for its thousands of visitors. Incredible global press coverage, great for Bath.”

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Sponsored by: Bath Rugby

New Business


Somerset Chilli Co

“Somerset Chili showcased strong growth with over 20 stockists and a whole range of sauces, selling over 2,000 bottles in under a year. Distinctive idea executed well.”

@somersetchillico |

Sponsored by: Novia Financial

People Services


The School of Dialogue

“A unique business mediating dozens of conflict cases and providing mental health sessions for thousands. Effective work on colleague dispute resolution with HR teams.”

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Aspire to Move

“Energy, drive, and great sector knowledge propelled Aspire strongly in 2021. From its expanded new premises, a surge in lettings triggered significant rise in profits.”

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Sponsored by: Bristol Property Awards



Noya’s Kitchen

“Innovative in a tricky time for hospitality, reimagining its food offering to great effect. Noya’s Dishes To Go had both great demand and zero food waste. Distinctive cuisine created perfectly!”

@noyaskitchen |
Sponsored by: Savills



Suave Owl

“A superb 12 months completed with storming sales, with the biggest growth instore. Smart business metrics, clear proof of success plus developing partnerships all indicate a shrewd approach. Bravo!”

@suaveowl |



Simple Cow

“Far-reaching environmental ambitions. Saved over 70 tonnes of 1-litre plastic milk bottles to reduce waste and now is carbon negative. Pivotal players.”

@simplecowmilk |

Technology & Innovation


Digital Wonderlab

“This tech wonder celebrated many milestones in 2021, notably a new height of 200,000 members and an innovation-led approach making going green simple via its app.”

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Sponsored by: EntreConf