2019 Finalists revealed...


The Bath Life Awards Environmental Category

Sponsored by Bath BID


The Bath BID sponsors the Bath Life Awards Environment Category. It not only wants to do its bit for the planet, but also encourage and support others in their efforts.

Last year the variety and content of applications was fascinating. Finalists and examples of their initiatives are as follows:


  • Larkhall Butchers replaced old walk-in fridge motors to newer more economic ones, changed all plastic bags to either paper or biodegradable where needed, changed all light bulbs to LED and even switched their delivery vehicle to 100% electric (an even better move with the upcoming Clean Air Zone).


  • Park Lane Press are well known in their industry for their eco-credentials and last year streamlined their paper purchasing and workflow to reduce the number of deliveries and stock wastage. They even harvest waste water from the Lithographic presses to flush the toilets and for hand-washing within the factory. 


  • Genesis Trust Furniture Project collects donated quality household items, redistributing them to people on low incomes, at a low cost. They source goods from private donors as well as the Council recycling depots, significantly reducing landfill and offsetting the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of new items.


  • Local ecopreneur Stephen Paul of Three Bags Full runs an eco-delivery service exclusively using electric cargo bikes, reducing the harmful levels of air pollution (and congestion) that blight Bath.


  • The 2018 winners were Cumberwell Park for their conservation work. The team ensure that their golf course and grounds are sympathetically managed for the wildlife as well as the golfers. There are a number of bird boxes installed on the course for raptors such as barn owls, kestrels and little owls, all of which have successfully produced young in recent years which is testament to the food sources available on the courses. There are also bird boxes for smaller birds such as the blue tit. 2018 has been a good year for birds of prey “ringing”, from Cumberwell Park it has been possible to ring kestrels, barn owls and little owls.


We hear rumours of a lot of amazing initiatives across the city that are worthy of the Judges focus in 2019. Don’t be shy - let’s hear about them! We implore you to put forward your nominations. Go to the nomination form and fill out your application asap!


Good luck!