Hurry! Nominations closing January 12, make yours now...


Important information about Bath Life Awards 2018 tickets: 


Silver Sponsorships

Silver Sponsorships in the Ball Room have now sold out! There are limited ones available in the Tea Room, find the details here . This includes a table for eight. 

Tables in either Ball Room or Tea Room

There will be no full tables for sale in either the Ball Room or Tea Room, beyond those for Sponsors and Finalists.

Open sale tickets

There will be no tickets on Open Sale. A limited number are being held back for Finalists-only, to be sold on a first come, first served basis in January.

Category Sponsorships

There are no longer Category Sponsorships available. Please contact Pat White for remaining opportunities.

Finalist tickets

Nominations are open and Finalists will be revealed in January. Finalists have priority on ticket sales.

If you have further queries, please get in touch.


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